Early Head Start Track - Pause & Reflect

Pause and Reflect with this 3-day Early Head Start track.

Day 1

  • Sign Language for Babies & Toddlers, presented by Tonya Hayes, Educational and Marketing Liaison at Sprout Pediatrics. 

Day 2

  • Coaching, discussed by Keynote Speaker Tiedra Marshall, Director of Expansion at Parents as Teachers National Center.
  • Yoga, presented by Jen Yost, MS Ed., Certified Life Coach.
  • Engagement and Empowering Strategies for Building Relationships with Families, presented by Brittany Shoemaker, Director of Early Head Start and Jessica Salas, Infant Toddler Specialist.

Day 3

  • Networking with Kara McFalls, PHSA Associate Executive Director
  • Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, presented by Rijelle Kraft, Family Support Managing Coordinator at the Center for Schools and Communities 

Course Details

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Day 1 Recording and Resources
Video: Day 1 Sign Language
Slide Presentation: Sign Language with Tonya Hayes
Sign Language Top 10 Signs
Sign Language Second Top 10 Signs
American Sign Language Alphabet Chart
Day 2 Recording and Resources
Video: Day 2 Coaching, Yoga, and Engagement & Empowerment
Slide Presentation: Coaching with Tiedra Marshall
Yoga Resources
Slide Presentation: Engage and Empower with Brittany Shoemaker and Jessica Salas
Day 3 Recording and Resources
Video: Day 3 Networking & Strengthening Families
Strengthening Families Resources
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