Language Justice… the path to equitable communities.

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Language Justice necessitates a long-term commitment from us as a community. Language Justice advocates for establishing all-encompassing spaces where all humans are regarded equally and people of all cultural backgrounds and languages can fully participate in shaping the community's future. Language Justice is a civil rights matter. It allows for meaningful access to community resources. It is a path to building a vibrant society by honoring the language and culture of all.

The Association is proud to recognize
Communications Essentials LLC as our Associate Partner.

Communication Essentials is a minority-owned social enterprise located in Lancaster, PA. The company has provided language interpretation and translation since its establishment in 2020. Communication Essentials established itself as a reputable and socially focused firm that prioritizes community needs as the main driver for its activities. Communication Essentials provides Language Justice consulting, cross-cultural training, language interpretation, and translation for community-serving organizations and local governments to provide equitable access to non-English speaking residents, which often results in higher participation. In addition, the Communication Essentials team's background in multilingual community engagement practices adds power to your organization’s multilingual community engagement.

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